Thinking About Working Remotely from Costa Rica?

Thinking About Working Remotely From Costa Rica

Working Remotely From Costa Rica: In 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, working from home became the norm for many people around the world. Our home “offices” were invaded by children, pets, and family members walking like phantoms in the background as we tried to concentrate.

If working remotely in an idyllic natural setting sounds appealing to you, read on!

In 2021 going back to the office seems distant for many of us. Now we even see the benefits – letting go of expensive and time-consuming commutes, structuring work around our daily routines, and having the flexibility to go for a run in the middle of the day.

What if we added in the detail that with reliable wifi, working remotely could happen from anywhere in the world? If having endlessly varied stunning natural beauty while working remotely sounds appealing to you, Costa Rica has it all! 

What do you need to know to make remote work smooth and efficient while based in Costa Rica?  Here are five tips: 

Top 5 factors that make working remotely from Costa Rica easy
Top 5 factors that make working remotely from Costa Rica easy 

Factor #1 – A New Visa Category

Thinking About Working Remotely From Costa Rica

Costa Rica has created a new digital nomad visa category for remote employees! This visa allows foreigners who work remotely in Costa Rica to receive tax-free income from outside of the country.

It is valid for a year and can be extended for an additional year. Visa-holders are free from taxes on utilities and any equipment they need to bring into the country for their jobs. 

Factor #2 – Resort AccommodationThinking About Working Remotely From Costa Rica

If you are open to working in stunning natural surroundings, resort-level accommodation is reasonable and of high value in Costa Rica.

For comfortable housing with air-conditioning, high-speed WiFi, a full kitchen, and much more, you could spend as little as $2500 a month per person, equivalent to $625 a week. Manuel Antonio is one area that has abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, and great coworking spaces, making it possible to have the facilities you would enjoy on holiday while meeting your work deadlines!

Factor #3 – Security & Environment – Working Remotely From Costa Rica

Thinking About Working Remotely From Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental stewardship. Almost all of its energy is renewable, forest cover is at 53% and about a quarter of the country is protected parks and reserves.

Of the 12 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, the 2020 Global Peace Index recognized Costa Rica as the most peaceful. While crime does exist in Costa Rica, it is at a lower level than its neighbors and families as well as LGTBQ+ travelers are for the most part welcomed. 

Factor #4 – Digital Capabilities

Digital Capabilities

Secure and reliable wifi is a must for remote work and Costa Rica can hold its own internationally. Jaco and other major beach towns have many private companies offering high-speed packages.

Factor #5 – Co-Working – Working Remotely From Costa Rica

Thinking About Working Remotely From Costa Rica

If you are seeking co-working options, you will find them throughout Costa Rica. In the capital, Barrio Escalante is a neighborhood with several coworking centers alongside cafes and restaurants with fresh, seasonal food.

Restaurants and offices alike comply with the COVID-19 safety protocols set out by the Costa Rica government. You can find a space that is equipped with high-speed, reliable internet for video conferencing. When you decide to have more space to think and write, you can set up camp anywhere,  even on the beach! 

The Bottom Line

These five factors are key to Costa Rica’s desirability as a remote working location. For North Americans, being in the same time zone is another added plus.

From dependable internet and SIM cards to SUV rental and resort accommodation, GoRemote provides all the services you need to glide into working remotely in Costa Rica. 

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