5 Important Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Costa Rica

Like many of us, spring is the perfect time to make our summer vacation plans. For remote workers, digital nomads and families looking to make their first international trip since the pandemic, Costa Rica is the new favorite destination.  Securing a rental car to get around the country has become an essential part of the trip plans, but many people are proceeding with caution to avoid  the widely reported scams or rental nightmares. There is no shortage of testimonials online about opaque pricing and unfulfilled reservations, leaving travelers stranded at the last minute.  Let’s dive into the five most important things to consider when searching for a car rental in Costa Rica.  

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#5 Do some research on where you’re going to be driving

  It’s true that many locations will necessitate a 4×4 vehicle to ensure you can navigate the ‘off-road’ terrain; however, if you’re staying in the Central Valley or easily accessible area, a 4×2 car may be adequate.  You can save some money and increase the number of options available by going with a 4×2.


#4 Look beyond reviews

If you’re from the US, Canada or Western Europe, many of the popular review sites are not commonly used in Costa Rica.  It’s important to look for alternate reviews on other social media sites.  Often times, travel groups will have valuable posts about Costa Rican-based companies that will give you the insight you need before making your reservation.


#3 Understand the norms

Many locally-based companies require prepayment for reservations made online.  Costa Rica is a small country and its economy is heavily reliant on tourism.  Prepaying for services is how local businesses keep their doors open.


#2  Read the fine print

  Make sure you know what you’re paying for.  If you opt out of full coverage insurance, for example, make sure you understand the ‘review period’ that the rental company has to report damages on your vehicle.  Some companies may state that they have up to four weeks to determine if the car you returned has any damages.  This can lead to a challenging situation if you’ve returned to your home country and are then charged a deductible for damage that you are unable to contest.  


#1  No jalopies! 

Inquire about the model year of the vehicles on offer.  Again, not all companies have the same standards of quality within their fleet.  At GoRemote Costa Rica, we only rent model year 2020-2022 so you never have to worry about being handed the keys to a vintage model you didn’t expect.  

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Here for the Long Run? 

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We have your back! We want to make your trip easy and painless. Our team at GoRemote Costa Rica is ready to assist you and help you pick the best car rental that fits your needs.


You can talk to one of our team members through WhatsApp here or send us an email at hola@goremotecr.com to discuss what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure to take care of the rest. 

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Our car rentals offer deals on medium/long term SUV rentals in Costa Rica with insurance included so you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. Plus, we can deliver the car to (almost!) wherever you need it for an even more convenient experience. That’s pretty perfect, if you ask us. 


Come down and experience Pura Vida for yourself!  Book your next  car rental with us to guarantee your reservation is secure and available when you arrive.