Chocolate Workshop With Mama Cacao and La Iguana Chocolate Farm

Chocolate Workshop With Mama Cacao and La Iguana Chocolate Farm

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This will take you through the chocolate process from farm to bar.

Mama Cacao is a Manuel Antonio based tree-to-bar chocolate-maker, cacao-farmer & educator. She has spent years working every part of the artisanal chocolate business. Now as well as making sensational chocolate she also runs chocolate making workshops, retreats, farm tours and curates chocolate-themed culinary and theatrical events. Her business is entirely mission-driven: She is committed to the empowerment of women, the regeneration of ecosystems and the preservation of cacao tradition and its culture – and achieving all of this through sensational chocolate. 

Chocolate has an irresistible allure that has endured throughout the ages, spans the continents and connects the natural world with humanity;here in the Costa Rican jungle, a homeland of the 10 million year old Theobroma Cacao tree, you will find a place alive with the history, myths and the magic of cacao.  There are tales of cacao gods bestowing upon us the sacred cacao tree to create a bridge between the heavens and earth.  Then there is cacao’s ascension to the status of currency.  It’s deep cultural significance, going back thousands of years, as a food, medicine and for religion and ritual. There are stories of marauding British pirates hightailing it with sacks of cacao, a terrible blight that almost saw the end of cacao in Costa Rica and more recently the resurgence of cacao and chocolate in Costa Rica, putting it in firmly on the map as a hot destination for any chocolate lover.

Quepos (down the road from Manuel Antonio) was the first place in Costa Rica that gave mention to cacao through an account written by the Spanish conquistador Juan Vásquez de Coronado in Quepos, in 1563 in which he describes finding cacao and textiles like that of the Nicoya.  So it is here that you can discover the wonders of this superfood and learn all about the chocolate-making process.

Depending on attendance and peoples’ availability these classes will take place either in Manuel Antonio at a local workshop or out at the La Iguana Cacao Farm.  

One Month complete Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Workshop

Healthy farming practices

Fermentation & Drying

Identifying good beans 






Equipment and tools



Tempering theory 

Tempering dark chocolate marble 

Tempering 2 more methods

How to make silk

Bon bons and enrobing


Tempering white chocolate 

These full day workshops will be on the weekend and the course also includes evening workshops in Manuel Antonio during the week where you can practice your techniques.

The price for the full month course is $1000 and this includes all materials and supplies and a large amount of chocolate.