The Central Valley–discover the tranquility of living simply.

Equipped for individual remote work, group meetings, and down-time, this location is perfect for those seeking balance.

Escape the city traffic of San Jose and uncover hidden treasures in just 15 minutes. The Central Valley is a world of its own–-filled with a variety of daylong excursions, lavish gardens, and rafting. You’ll live at the lovely, family-owned, Hotel Bougainvillea in Heredia. Your new backyard is surrounded by coffee plantations, volcanoes, and world-renowned gardens.

This property is well-appointed for remote work with excellent WIFI throughout. If you’d like to host a group meeting, inquire about reserving the outdoor conference room. Never had a company meeting while immersed in a serene garden? We can change that!

Take a midday break to enjoy the onsite pool and tennis courts. If your fitness needs exceed that of the hotel gym, there’s a CrossFit gym nearby that welcomes visitors.

If you’re the type to eagerly await each meal, consider your needs met. The hotel offers a hot, complimentary breakfast each morning and room service anytime. The coworking space provides tea, coffee, and light snacks, and the onsite restaurant is delicious and affordable. We also provide you with plenty of recommendations on restaurants to visit. Want local cuisine without having to leave the hotel? UberEats is readily available!

Looking to immerse yourself in your new surroundings? We’ve partnered with Arca Verde, the largest botanic garden in Costa Rica to bring you a plethora of new experiences! Located just 25 minutes from the hotel, they offer workshops on Farm to Table Cooking, Sustainable Agriculture, Honey Production, and Mead Making. 

Malpais –reconnect with yourself, others, and nature.

A cultural and environmentally conscious space, our Malpais location is a great place for relearning how to embrace your surroundings.

This beach-situated property fosters connectivity between individuals and their environment. Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, it boasts an ideal setting for recharging. As a nest of creativity, it’s a welcoming backdrop for constructing meaningful work that will leave a positive impact. It promotes the harmony between work and pleasure, for an overall better well-being. 

Jaco Beach–take a chance on a carefree and upbeat lifestyle.

If you’re searching for the typical Costa Rican beach town, look no further. Known for its friendly and lively energy, this location is perfect for turning individuals into teams, through shared experiences.

This destination is popular for locals and tourists alike, lending itself to a vibrant food scene. You’ll find a wide range of dining options, such as simple and fresh Costa Rican cuisine, Thai, Indian, Italian, organic vegan, and Middle Eastern.

In addition to its incredible culinary options, Jaco Beach is also a haven for outdoor activities. You’ll have access to breathtaking waterfalls, endless beaches, Carara National Park, and Playa Hermosa–a popular destination on the World Cup circuit. You can also take up surfing, deep sea fishing, and zip-lining. We even offer the opportunity* to build your own surfboard to take home! Jefferson, a pro surfer, will teach you all his tips and tricks to building the perfect board, right in his own jungle surf workshop!