3 Reasons Why GoRemote Costa Rica Packages are Cheaper


Vacation packages tout competitive prices, while saving you time on the extensive research to hunt for these bargains, a la carte.  It’s also convenient to have one point of contact for your reservation, in the event that you need to make a change or cancellation.  But, are you really getting a good deal?

Not all packages are created equal

We’ve all had the experience of getting knee deep in our travel planning when our eyes start to cross from all of the variables to consider:  booking your flight from Tuesday to the following Wednesday delivers a $50 savings over a 7 day time frame, but you now have to pay for an additional night in the hotel, which cancels the savings and then some.  This flight and hotel are cheaper when I bundle them, but that other hotel looks nicer and doesn’t seem to be available in a bundle. To bundle or not to bundle?  That is the question.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes we start our research without having a clear idea of our priorities.  Is it cost, convenience, flexibility, luxury, amenities…?  Some of us value convenience above all and want the direct flight, and hotel right on the beach with airport shuttle service.  And some of us are looking to maximize our budget and are willing to put in the legwork to stretch a dime.  You first need to identify what is most important to you, and that will frame your travel research.

If you’re looking beyond a vacation to a long term stay, you have a whole host of other variables to consider.  Insurance, cell service, coworking space, neighborhood amenities, proximity to healthcare, tourist visa requirements, etc.  Trying to find the best apartment, in the best neighborhood, with a newer model 4×4 vehicle and interesting excursions is a lot to figure out.  Especially, when you’re navigating these options from a different country.


#3 Reason Why Our Packages are Cheaper

At GoRemote Costa Rica, we have decades of experience in the hospitality industry and know this country inside and out.  And because we specialize in long term stays, we’ve leveraged the best pricing to create each of our Packages.  Many travel services don’t have the benefit of on-the-ground relationships and volume discounts.

#2  Reason Why Our Packages are More Affordable 

While you might be adept at finding cheap flights when you travel, it is very difficult to become a ‘local expert’ in all things lodging, car rental, experiences, insurance, etc., for each place you visit.  We’ve already done the legwork and have worked out a way for you to get prime lodging; an affordable, newer model SUV with no hidden fees and $0 deductible insurance, and convenient Spanish lessons with a local instructor…all for a fraction of the price.  If you tried to shop around for each of these items separately, you’d spend invaluable time bargain hunting and end up running on a scavenger hunt when you arrive in Costa Rica.

#1 Reason to Go with GoRemote Costa Rica Packages

Time is money.  We don’t often understand the opportunity cost, until we find ourselves in the middle of an airport terminal with no cell reception–even though we activated international calling with our provider back home–and, for some reason, our reservation is not showing up in their system.  With no way to find that reservation number we saved for our rental car until we can connect to the very slow WIFI, we’re already feeling stressed and haven’t been in our new destination for 30 minutes.  With GoRemote Costa Rica as your sole point of contact, we will make sure you have everything you need to make the transition from your home country a smooth one.  One guest mentioned, “I wish I had known about you before…I would have saved myself a week of running around to track down the goods and services I didn’t know I needed before I arrived.”

It’s impossible to know everything you’re going to need by research alone.  Having real people–professionals–on the ground who are there to help you preempt that loss of invaluable time is…invaluable.

Don’t keep spinning your wheels

Reach out to us today to book your long term package in Costa Rica. Whether you’re a digital nomad, remote worker or family looking for an extended holiday in a safe, beautiful place, we have a package to suit.  And if you have questions, we’re real people ready to help.

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